What's new

  1. Biomarker Commercialization Tools now available (at biomarker.nu)
  2. AGTC Joins the My Retina Tracker® Program as a New Scientific Collaborator
  3. Commercializing IVD-Applicable Biomarkers: Best Practices and Pitfalls Handbook is now available
  4. #TogetherAgainstCOVID19 – EuropaBio Interview with Finnish Bioindustries
  5. Quest Diagnostics Acquires Blueprint Genetics to Broaden Access to Actionable Insights for Genetic and Rare Diseases
  6. Blueprint Genetics expands in North America by building a new CLIA/CAP NGS facility in Seattle
  7. DelSiTech Ltd Receives Significant Funding for Developing Long-Acting Injectables for contraceptives and HIV antivirals development by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  8. Helsinki Biobank and Fimmic Introduce a Unique One Access Service for Biomedical Research
  9. Life Science Mentors – Mentoring Service for Finnish Life Science Actors
  10. Faron Pharmaceuticals Admission to AIM and first day of dealings £10 million fundraise to progress Phase III clinical trial
  11. Faron Enters Agreement with Selexis SA to Progress Development of Novel Cancer Immunotherapy Clevegen
  12. Fimmic closes investment round to digitalize cancer diagnostics
  13. Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy Intention to Float on AIM
  14. Innomedica to open new office in Switzerland
  15. FIT Biotech’s Initial Public Offering Completed Successfully
  16. BioFinland prize to Biovian Oy
  17. Forendo Pharma announces the US licensing of fispemifene to Apricus Biosciences targeting urological conditions in men
  18. Oncos Therapeutics Demonstrates Systemic, Tumor-specific Immune Response by Local Administration of its Lead Product ONCOS-102
  19. Promising new treatment for life threatening acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  20. A Special Year for the Biotech Sector
  21. KU Leuven and FIT Biotech enter into a worldwide license and collaboration agreement for the development of novel immunotherapeutics
  22. Neste Jacobs and Roal Sign a Contract to Expand Enzyme Production Plant
  23. BioFinland 2013 prize to Glykos Finland Ltd
  24. Culminatum Innovation and Diaceutics Collaborate to Provide Expert Training to Leading Finnish Researchers on Commercializing Biomarkers for Personalized Medicine
  25. Innomedica and CMC Biologics into strategic agreement for Japan market
  26. The Future Generation of Bioscientists - Lost or Found?
  27. Culminatum works to develop an attractive innovation environment for biotechnology in the BSR
  28. New Horizons For the Bioindustry
  29. Faron reports positive headline data from FPCLI001 clinical study with FP- 1201 in acute lung injuries
  30. An Insider’s View: Report on the Finnish Life Sciences Industry
  31. Faron and Maruishi Sign Traumakine-program License Agreement
  32. Rentschler to manufacture Faron product Traumakine®
  33. Change of management in Novamass Ltd
  34. Fulfilling the Promises
  35. Innomedica Expands in UK – Dr Jim Phillips Joins the Team
  36. Finland is a Forerunner in Biomass Refining
  37. Biobanks—Opportunities Becoming Reality
  38. The Perceived Value-added of Venture Capital Investors: Evidence from Finnish biotechnology industry
  39. Coaching small biotech companies into success: The value-adding function of VC
  40. Promoting innovation by tax incentives—A review of strategies and their importance to biotech growth
  41. European Biotech industry figures show signs of chronic under-funding
  42. ETLA 2004 Survey on the Finnish Biotechnology Industry--Background and Descriptive Statistics
  43. State of the Biotechnology Industry
  44. Intellectual Capital and Anticipated Future Sales in Small and Medium-sized Biotechnology Companies
  45. Ownership and Financial Structure of Biotechnology SMEs: Evidence from Finland
  46. Findings of the ETLA Survey on Finnish Biotechnology Firms

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