Kemia-Kemi Vol. 34 (2007) 5

Saara Hassinen


The biotech sector in Finland is seen as offering a growing number of opportunities, both by those in the industry, the academic community and government. Europe is also optimistic about the possibilities of making more of the region's expertise.

Government in Finland takes an interest in many aspects of biotechnology, from basic research and regulation to funding, development, and applications. The situation is somewhat complicated, however, by the fact that matters related to biotechnology are seldom specific to a single sector—industry, environment, agriculture, or health—and often cover many areas. As a result, a number of ministries are involved with international agreements, EU regulations, and national legislation. Coordination early on in the drafting process and in tracking different projects is of key importance.

Despite the positive cooperation that has taken place to date, there has been a clear need for some time for a national strategy that would pull together the present strategies of the country's ministries and agencies and enable more to be made of Finland’s strong science base and technological expertise in the biotech field.

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